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Lewis Sithole Original works of Art

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Lewis Sithole Original works of Art
Artist: Lewis Sithole Stone: Verdite Biography: Lewis Sithole was born in Bikita in Zimbabwe in 1963 and began sculpting in 1987. Lewis is an especially talented artist when it comes to sculpting busts and animals. He has a talent for capturing the mood and the personality of the subject in each of his pieces. These types of sculptings are highly sought after by Europeans and North Americans alike. He is a master sculptor; indeed the verdite material which he uses for his sculptures is far too expensive for novices to make mistakes on! Found only in Southern Africa Verdite is a rare gemstone that ranges in colour from golden brown to emerald green. In African mythology it is believed that the spirits of animal totems and images of ancestral spirits are captured within the rocks and that these items carved out of verdite simply release that which is already within the rock. Witchdoctors (African Shamans) also crushed verdite to be used for medicinal purposes believing that it enhances fertility.

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