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Optical Calcite aka Iceland Spar

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Optical Calcite aka Iceland Spar
We have rough cubes. This beautiful form of Calcite I believe is the most powerful in terms of healing; due to the clarity and the property of double refraction it is used to great effect for journeying inside and seeing the reasons for illness. Calcite releases electrical impulses when placed under pressure and although it is not programmable in the way that Quartz is it can be used to amplify feelings of goodwill towards others. It detoxifies on many levels and has the effect of clearing and continuing to clear when placed on the body. Calcite will not hold negativity and will only amplify that which is in-line with Divine Will. The double refraction property of Iceland Spar is clearly seen when you place it over writing on a piece of paper; the writing appears doubled or shadowed. The larger the piece the more dramatic the effect.

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