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Shiva Lingham

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Shiva Lingham
Shiva Lingham Healing Stones - TANTRIC SHIVA LINGHAMS Sacred to the Hindu Tradition; are ceremoniously gathered once a Year from the muddy banks of the Narmada River one of the 7 sacred places of Pilgrimage in India. They are naturally formed of a mineral called Cryptocrystalline Quartz with Iron Oxide deposits said to have been implanted in the Riverbed by Meteorite millions of years ago! Hindus worship Linghams in Shiva Temples as a representation of the Lord. In the trantric tradition; the shape embodies masculine energy: Dynamic expression and Knowledge. The markings called “YONI” depicts feminine energy: Wisdom and Intuition Together the female energy arouses the masculine urge to create. The mineral composition and the shape make the stones unique as objects for meditation. They are said to contain the loftiest vibration of all stones on Earth. We have very small up to large examples.

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