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My Personal Collections For Sale!!

I am looking to sell my entire Tsumeb, Beryl, Cuprite, Topaz, Mine Light, Mining Memorabilia and Nautical Collection.

I have been collecting for over 40 years and have accumulated a vast number of good Tsumeb pieces (these include important and rare pieces.)

With this I also have a very good Beryl/Heliodor Collection from the Green Walking Stick Mine in Zimbabwe ( pieces like mine have sold to prominent dealers for $15,000.00 + a piece in the past!).

A collection of Cuprites � a largest double crystal measures 15cm from the Onganja mine (now closed) in Namibia.

A collection of large natural Blue Topaz crystals from the Saint Ann’s Mine in Zimbabwe.

I have an important collection of old Mine Lights numbering some 300+. Many rare and never recorded / documented or exhibited South African mine Lights, some dating back to the 18th Century together with a lifetimes collection of books on these interesting and rare lamps. An important Tsumeb (OMEG) mine light as well.

An old English Fossil Collection put together in a wooden box by English Mineral dealer Gregory Bottley of London � Very old.

I have a stunning collection of Rare Cut Gemstones and Facet Rough comprising of Aquamarine, Tourmaline, Tanzanite and much more that I also want to dispose of.

A collection of Mining Memorabilia, including Brass Dumpy Levels,Theodolites, petrographic Microscopes, stick Barometers, Gold bullion scales and weights, important old mine maps and mine share certificates plus many rare books on early Gold and Diamond mining in South Africa, some on Australia as well. Important South African gold mine Ore Carts and a Cornish mining kibble both dating back to the 1800’s.
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An important collection of Stone Sculptures � True Works of Art! In optical clear smoky quartz, blue and brown Tiger eye (one, a lion with diamond eyes!), obsidian and malachite. All these pieces of Art were crafted in Ida Obestein, Germany by skilled German Craftsmen in the 30’s and 40’s.
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My Maritime Antique Collection include old Brass dive helmets, Ships clocks. An Antique ships log, brass ships wheel, Nelson’s Battle of Trafalgar Silver plated ships bell, a VOC brass bell dated 1795, and many other related items.

For this entire collection I only want US $1.5 million for the Lot!
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You are going to call for photographs!

I can send you a few, however there are just too many pieces to photograph them all.

My suggestion is that you come to South Africa and view all these Stunning Collections and important pieces.

This is an Important Collection not to be missed!

An incredible Investment for the future!

Rob Smith. Ceo

African Gems & Minerals