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About Us

Rob Smith, Founder of African Gems & Minerals started collecting Minerals and Gemstones way back in the 60's. He established African Gems & Minerals in 1984 -32 years ago, to grow the company to what it is today - 4 Branches and many employees make up the Team, specializing in Gemstones, Minerals, Crystals, Fossils, and Mining Antiques from the Central and Southern African regions and from the rest of the World.

We are a major supplier of Lapidary Machines and Equipment to the Southern African Gemstone industry.

Rob has travelled Africa extensively all his life, 25 years of this with two 4x4's and two Rubber Ducks (where the 4x4's did not go the Rubber Ducks did!) to collect Gems and Minerals in the remotest of places.

He has travelled down the mighty Zambezi River from the source on a few occasions, crossed the Lakes of Central Africa and Island hopped in Northern Mozambique many times in search of really good Gems and Minerals.

Rob has a large personal collection of Tsumeb Minerals and has a fabulous collection of Rough and Cut African gems. He also has a large collection of Antique Mining Memorabilia from Gold and Diamond Scales, Theodolites, Microscopes, Cocopans (ore carts) and a collection of rare and old Books and Maps on early Diamond and Gold Mining in South Africa which are all now out of print.

He has the Largest collection of Antique Mine Lights in South Africa numbering 500+!

Collecting good specimens today is tough and over the last 8 years Rob has bought a staggering 35, major Tsumeb Mineral collections in Southern Africa.

Rob was instrumental in securing and promoting the fabulous original "Ajoite included Quartz" find from Messina / Musina in the 1980's and was of late instrumental in developing the market for Spirit Quartz (also known as Cactus Quartz). Over 60 tons has moved through his hands in the past few years.

We are proud to be associated with the Crystal Guru of our planet "Melody" - author of "Love is in the Earth" series. A Kaleidoscope of Crystals.

Our first Gem and Mineral Show was at the Desert Inn in Tucson, Arizona in1986, twenty six years ago and we continue to attend and take part in this Great event.

Rob's daughter, Mary-Anne Smith, who has grown up with gemstones and who is a Gem herself, has helped out at many of the Gem & Minerals Shows in Tucson and in South Africa over the years.

Mary-Anne heads up our Auckland New Zealand branch, taking care of all orders if you are based in New Zealand, Australia or Asia.

When in Auckland, Mary-Anne would love to show you her Shop and our exciting new shipments from Africa that are sent to New Zealand regularly.
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We attend all the Markets, Festivals and Shows in Auckland, The Bay of Plenty and in Christchurch.

Give Mary-Anne a call if you are buying Wholesale in Auckland.
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Please check our Shows and Events Page regularly to see where she will be this weekend.


Remember - Our Teams wherever you are in Africa or New Zealand, are always keen and eager to assist you!!
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